Web Development

Those Who Want To Learn Web Development

Web Designing teaches programming basics and web design skills through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this program, students will begin with HTML, CSS and then, later on, they learn to implement JavaScript and game design. Kids develop their own interactive web pages. 

  • Valuable Skillset

    Given that there will be approximately 1.4  million computing jobs available in 2020, with only 400,000 qualified developers to fill them, those interested in acquiring in-demand skills can certainly benefit from having web development and coding in their resume. It’s safe to say there is, and will continue to be, high demand for web developers.

  • Project

    Students get to explore what they can do with their code and how to implement it in real-life situations. They will do multiple projects, and learn to create a website using HTML. Students will love to use this skill, in school, and in the real world to create presentations, and display projects.

  • Kids love it 
    Builds their Interest For Coding

    Web Designing is fun. It's easier to understand and write code. Kids don’t get overwhelmed and frustrated. They quickly learn the basics and start using to make interactive websites and games.

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