Python Programming

For Middle & High Schoolers Learn Text 

This exercise based program is specially design for kids to understand fundaments of Computer Science and programming skills. They will cover the basics of python programming and will learn data types, variables,conditions, function, looping, list, classes etc.

  • First 

    Today, there are so many programming languages to choose from. If your kids are just starting to text-based coding, our advice is to start with the language that is easy to use, kids friendly and frequently used in the industry. No other language fits this criterion better than Python.

  • Project

    Students get to explore what they can do with their code and how to implement it in real-life situations. They will create multiple projects in order to showcase their work.

  • Kids pull valuable skills from it 
    Builds their Interest For Coding

    Programming in Python is fun. It's easier to understand and write Python code. Kids don’t get overwhelmed and frustrated. They quickly learn the basics and start using to make animation and games.

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