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About Us

Genius Coders is a Coding/Computer Programming academy, dedicated to empowering your child in the digital world. Postgraduate experienced teachers work with your child on a weekly basis in a fun-filled interactive learning environment. Our low student to teacher ratio ensures personalized and maximum learning benefits. Our teaching methodology is non-repetitive and involves exercises and projects based learning. We offer classes on weekdays and weekends as well.

  •  Coding program throughout the whole year

  •  Weekdays, weekends & Summer classes 

  •  Multi-level curriculum

  •  Hands-on exercises and projects

Why Kids Should Learn To Code

There has been a big push and trend for kids learning code lately. More and more of our education is becoming STEM-based, which includes technology. Learning how to code today is almost as important as English and math. Computer Coding has become an essential subject in itself that everyone should learn. Taking courses at an early age can prepare kids for higher-level computer courses offered to them at high school or college. Knowing how to code puts you at a competitive advantage anywhere you go. Coding is a skill that you can showcase, and use anywhere you go. When it comes to anything like school projects or outside competitions being able to create an app or build a website is a great skill. As technology begins to improve, learning how it works, and how to deal with problems you may encounter is also very important, making it essential to start learning now.

Coding Is A Skill & Develops Other Skills

When it comes to anything like a school presentation, or a group project being able to code and create something is an amazing skill. Being able to take a task or problem and then develop a program for it builds problem solving skills. Coding involves thinking, and understanding of what you are doin, you can't just wing it. Most of the time programmers have to create multiple solutions in order to finally get something that will work. They will learn how to logically think about what is being asked and the easiest way to do it. Being able to create a program is not easy and is a unique skill that is in demand. Coding is not going anywhere and developers are always in need.

When Should Kids Start To learn Code

Programs like Scratch Jr. allow kids as young as 5 to be able to pick up a tablet and learn how to code using blocks. Block coding is coding without having to do all the hard typing. Block Coding is an interactive way for learning how to code, while also boosting you childs interest in coding. They will be able to create small and simple programs involving color and sound. 

After Scratch Jr comes Scratch where kids move onto a laptop and begin to do more complex code, while still keeping it easy using blocks. They will use problem solving and logical thinking in order to create programs, and projects like a digital photo book. Starting at a young age will boost your childs interest in coding and allow them to have a strong foundation as they continue their coding journey.   

Competitive Advantage

Coding is a hot skill that most of your kid's friends or classmates probably lack. Learning to code is a unique skill that will make your child stick out of the crowd. They can take these skills and then create something which they can showcase anywhere. There are tons of opportunities for your kid to show their skills of such as hackathons and other competitions.

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