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AP Computer Science A

This course is designed to provide each student with a solid foundation in object-oriented programming and logical problem-solving techniques. Through an organized presentation that includes object-oriented concepts, standard logic algorithms, and hands-on programming projects, each student will develop and strengthen their ability to conceptualize and solve problems through the implementation of effective solutions. This course is designed to prepare each student to complete the AP Computer Science A exam. 

Fundamentals of Java basics to advanced object oriented concepts. Covering all the units in AP CS A 

Unit Reviews
Unit Homework

Unit Test
Practice Exams

Parents will be getting progress report on homework and test.

Unit 1: Course Overview


  • The AP Exam

  • Introduction to Computer Science

  • Computational Thinking


Unit 2: Java Basics


  • Using Java

  • Output in Java

  • Primitive Variables

  • Data Types

  • Basic Input and Output

  • Arithmetical Operations

  • Operators

  • Castings


Unit 3: Control Structures


  • Control Structures

  • Logical Operations

  • Iteration

  • Types of Errors


Unit 4: Java API


  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Methods

  • Parameters

  • String Class and Methods

  • Java API and the Java Subset

  • Wrapper Classes

  • Math Class


Unit 5: Java API


  • Creating a Class

  • Instantiate an Object

  • Calling methods and fields 

Unit 6: Arrays


  • Arrays

  • 2D Arrays


Unit 7: ArrayLists


  • ArrayLists

  • Algorithms

  • ArrayLists methods


Unit 8: Recursion


  • Recursion

  • Recursive Base Case

  • Fibonacci Recursive


Unit 9: Inheritance


  • OOP Example

  • Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

  • Object Class

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