For Those Just Starting Off

Students with no prior programming experience will be able to program interactive stories, games, and animation. They will be actually doing sequential coding through logical steps. Along the way they will learn coding concepts like loops, If/Then/Else logic, Cartesian Coordinates, Sprite movements, Simple math logic, Event detection, Variables, etc.

  • Perfect First Programming Language

    Scratch is the perfect first programming language for elementary kids. Using block coding, they not only learn how to code but also learn essential programming concepts that prepare them for higher-level programming.

  • Project

    Students get to explore what they can do with their code and how to implement it in real-life situations. They will create multiple projects and apps to showcase their work.

  • Kids love it 
    Builds their Interest For Coding

    Building games and taking the challenge to make it more complicated is fun, and it develops interest and computational thinking. Kids will begin to develop a passion for coding.

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