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For Those Just Starting Off (Age 6 & up)

Students with no prior programming experience will be able to program interactive stories, games, and animation. They will be actually doing sequential coding through logical steps. Along the way they will learn coding concepts like loops, If/Then/Else logic, Cartesian Coordinates, Sprite movements, Simple math logic, Event detection, Variables, etc.

Fundamentals of programming using easy color coded
drag and drop interface

Project  based 
and learn by doing - developing logical, creative and problem solving skills

How to make animations, stories, add on  music & sounds, simple games to complex games



Sprites, stage, backstage

Interactive Presentation





Create your own sprites

Create your own colorful backdrops

Code your sprites

Pitch your imagination and passion

Sound blocks

Create animations

Create musical and dance themes


Sprites coordinates


Control flow of the program

Conditions (if and else)

Scratch in-built extensions

Pen blocks

Spirography art

Math theme

Math operators

Broadcasting events

Design your own game obstacle course

Key control events

Simple game logic

Quiz game


Complex game logic

Nested conditions

Multiple game sprites

Making your own blocks

Lists data structure

Logical math operators

Physics and velocity

Flappy parrot

Multi-level adventure game

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