Advanced Level Course

Java is a powerful coding language that allows kids to learn the advanced topics of coding. Kids will dive deeper into more complex code, that will challenge their skills, and promote them to develop code on their own

  • Valuable Skillset

    Completing Java will give your child a competitive advantage. Java is a challenging language that will introduce kids to advanced skills and a acomplex syntax. Java will also prepare, and give kids a headstart wanting to pursue AP computer science offered through their schools. 

  • Project

    Students get to explore what they can do with their code and how to implement it in real-life situations. They will do multiple projects, and learn to code in Java. Project-based learning will introduce students, on how to implement their code in other project ideas they may have. Students will benefit from learning Java when doing computer science courses at their schools.

  • School Advantage

    Completing all levels up to Java will ensure that your child has the understanding, and skills to take AP computer science courses at their high school. Learning Java takes time, although by taking this course kids will already be ahead of their peers, preparing them for success. 

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