Mobile App Development

For Those Just Starting Off

Utilizing drag and drop programming blocks to develop android apps, Mobile App Development is the best way to start when learning to program. Mobile App Development gives Students a chance to create fun games and projects while learning the fundamentals to become a good programmer. They will learn how to create layouts and add buttons, images, sounds, sensors, and interactive apps, all of which are essential to making a great app. This program is entirely hands-on projects to learn concepts of app designing.

  • Perfect Transition

    Mobile App is a perfect transition into learning python. Mobile App is block programming that is more challenging than Scratch and teaches the most essential fundamentals in order to code. Many middle schoolers and advanced students take this course in order to prepare them for higher-level programming.

  • Project

    Students get to explore what they can do with their code and how to implement it in real-life situations. They will create multiple projects and apps in order to showcase their work.

  • Kids love it 
    Builds their Interest For Coding

    Mobile App is the best way to get started for any Middle Schoolers or High Schoolers just starting off in programming. Building apps and Creating projects that you can then see on your phone or tablet is a fun experience.

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