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Mobile App Development
For Those Just Starting Off (Ages 9 & up)

Utilizing drag and drop programming blocks to develop android applications. Mobile App Development gives students a chance to create fun games and projects while learning the fundamentals to become a good programmer. They will learn how to create layouts and add buttons, images, sounds, sensors, and interactive apps, all of which are essential to making a great app. 

Developing mobile applications using the easy block based drag and drop interface

Project  based 
and learn by doing - developing logical, creative and problem solving skills

How to make animations, stories, add on music & sounds,simple games to complex games



Screen and Properties

Adding Buttons

Adding Labels

Adding Textboxes

Learning different layouts

Adding event handlers


Adding images

Adding sounds files

Calculator application

Spooky fun application

Language translator application





Dice Simulator

Game logic

Simple games

Rock Paper Scissor

Timer component

Three equals

Pong game


Complex game logic

Nested conditions

Multiple game sprites

Lists data structure

Logical and conditional math operators

Guess game application

Advanced game applications and logic

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